Trabzon has become a center of education, trade and health throughout its history not only in Anatolia, but also in Central Asian Turkish States, Caucasian countries and even in Arab countries. In addition to this, Trabzon’s interest in sports resulted in the birth and development of Trabzonspor, one of the great teams of our country. Due to the 2011 EYOF (European Youth Olympic Festival), the city has won numerous sports facilities. Today Trabzon is an important regional power with its port, airport, highways, health and industrial organizations and universities. Surely it supports education, sports, industry and trade etc.

Bölüm Yerleşke

Recent years many universities have been established in our country, there is no other foundation university in the north from the Marmara region until the east. As a result, the Department of Sport Sciences has established an important contribution to the supply of the manpower needed in our country. The opening of the Sports Sciences Department of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Aviation has been accepted at the meeting of the Council of Higher Education on 15.01.2013 and it was published with the date of 23.01.2013 and 517/3387 rules. The department currently has 230 registered students.